The M-factor: Media Confidence for Business Leaders and Managers

by Tom Maddocks

About the Book

Learning to deal with the media

The ability to communicate a clear message, and deal with questions from the media, is now a vital skill for almost any Chief Executive or senior manager. Yet many in the business world fear the media. Instead of seeing an opportunity they seem to be much more worried that they will be misquoted, and believe reporters’ only aim is to catch them out. This highly practical, down-to-earth book reveals the secrets of how to understand the media mindset, know what journalists are looking for, give a good press or broadcast interview, deal with a crisis, and understand the impact of social media. In short – how to get The M-factor.

With a lively, highly readable style, founder of Media Training Associates Tom Maddocks brings to the subject over 20 years' experience as a media trainer, business journalist and TV reporter. He has worked for the BBC and commercial broadcasters, including a five-year spell as a reporter on BBC2's 'The Money Programme'.

The M-factor will tell you everything you need to know, from the seven big mistakes made by companies and their spokespeople, to the art of creating a great sound-bite. There is sound advice on how to shape your message effectively, respond to difficult questions, and get the style and tone right. Anyone who welcomes media opportunities and is comfortable with the idea of dealing with journalists and can give a good TV or radio interview has The M-factor. The book is written from the perspective of a UK-based media training expert and former BBC journalist, but the guidance it includes is relevant to almost any culture in any country

During his time as a journalist, Tom came to realise how many people in business found it difficult, even traumatic to deal with the media, while even those who were willing often lacking the appropriate skills to give a good interview or get their message across effectively. This book is for them... Find out more.

About the Author

Tom Maddocks, Media Training Associates

Tom Maddocks is the Founder and Course Director of Media Training Associates, and over the past decade has helped improve the media skills of hundreds of business leaders and spokespeople for a range of leading organisations in the UK and abroad.

He is acknowledged as one of the UK's leading authorities on media coaching and training, and has been quoted on the subject in many publications including The Sunday Times, The Independent, Financial Times and PR Week.

Tom now works with clients in a wide variety of sectors, including banking and finance, media and technology. He has trained not only in the UK, but in Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, Cophenagen, Dubai, New York and California. As a former business journalist and reporter on BBC2's 'The Money Programme', Tom started his career in local radio, moving on to become a national news reporter for 'Independent Radio News'. He has also presented business and financial news on Radios 4 and 5-Live, Channel Four TV and written for magazines and newspapers including The Times and Mail on Sunday.


What you will learn from The M-factor: Media Confidence for Business Leaders and Managers


The M-factor: Media Confidence for Business Leaders and Managers
  1. Business Benefits from Smart Use of the Media
  2. Understanding the Media Mindset
  3. Seven Big Mistakes Companies Make When Dealing with the Media
  4. The Art of the Sound-bite—Making Your Interview Memorable
  5. Defining Your Key Messages
  6. Style and Tone
  7. Dealing with Difficult Questions
  8. Six Golden Rules for Dealing with a Media Crisis
  9. Getting Ready to be Great on TV and Radio
  10. Being Great on TV and Radio
  11. Social Media and Online Video
  12. Five Action Steps to Achieve the M-factor
12 reasons why you should read this book
The M-factor: Media Confidence for Business Leaders and Managers will tell you:
  • How to position yourself effectively in the media
  • Ways to increase your chances of setting the media agenda
  • What journalists want from you
  • Why reporters don't only want 'bad news'
  • Why broadcast journalists play 'devil's advocate'
  • What to do about the culture of 'spin'
  • What makes a news story
  • The number one reason why people get misquoted – and what to do about it
  • The seven interview types – and how to prepare for them
  • How to understand the journalist's 'rules of engagement'
  • How to work with reporters' deadlines
  • Ways to increase the chances journalists will write what you want them to write
  • The seven big mistakes people make when dealing with the media – and how to avoid them
  • What makes a great 'quote' or 'sound-bite' – the importance of the 'equals' formula.
  • How to avoid the jargon trap
  • How to distinguish your key and core messages
  • Why you need to understand the journalist's 'angle'
  • The importance of getting the style and tone right
  • Seven techniques for dealing with difficult questions
  • The reporter's questions you don't have to answer
  • Smart ways to deal with a media crisis
  • Why a speedy response is so important
  • The questions you must ask before any radio or television interview
  • Do's and don'ts for TV on hair, make-up and clothing
  • How to keep your cool in a 'gladiatorial' TV interview
  • Key differences between a radio and TV interview (apart from the obvious)
  • How to take advantage of social media opportunities
  • What to do if you are hit by a social media crisis
  • Smart techniques you can use to come over well in an online video
  • The action steps you can take now to achieve The M-factor


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